Fairbrook 6903

6903 Fairbrook Way
Tampa Fl 33634

The moment we level up

This project, executed in 2013, was based on the complete renovation of a pre-existing home. Until then, Danva Home Improvement, Inc. jobs in Tampa were exclusively repairs and renovations of average homes. This job allowed us to rank ourselves on a higher level.

Daniele Facciuto

Lot Size
4,545 SqFt
3,928 SqFt


The house is 3,928 sq ft, distributed as a 458 sq ft garage, a 1,631 sq ft Living Room, an office, bathroom, room, kitchen, dining room, playroom, and 203 sq ft Front Porch on the ground floor.  The second story in the house measures 1,636 sq ft and is divided into 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms; it also has an indoor pool and a large backyard. This House became Danva Home Improvement, Inc.’s Tampa Office.

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